A full service. I could be your Mentor or your Instructor (depending on your choice). What differentiates 'Aviation Richard Dufresne' from other regular flying schools is that I offer lodging, means of transportation and guidance during your training. I will accompany and support you during your stay in Quebec (driving permit, cars, insurance, medical aviation, Transport Canada, etc). My wife Thérèse and I are actually making renovations to a high-end luxury home to provide you with a home away from home. We will live on the first floor and you will live in a finished and insulated basement provided with all the necessary amenities for living and studying: kitchen, living room, class room, individual rooms with personal desk, spa, backyard, nature trail, bike path... all at your disposal. Becoming your mentor. I would like to be the mentor of your apprenticeship in becoming a pilot in Quebec, Canada and abroad. I could become your instructor in 2 certified Transport Canada flying schools: ALM Par Avion in Beloeil (CSB3) or Académie de l'Aviation in Joliette (CSG3). These 2 locations are uncontrolled airports where I am an instructor. Or it could be at any other nearby airport. I practically know all flying schools and aircraft operators in the Montreal region and would be able to help you choose the one most suitable flying school to your needs. Strategic Location. Our new home is located in a small community north of Montreal, about 3 kilometers from the new Mascouche airport scheduled to open soon. Cost of life (accommodations, commuting, leisures, gym, etc.) on the outskirts of Montreal is also cheaper. Downtown remains accessible by public transit in 25 minutes.