I started flying at the early age of 11 and earned my Private Pilot Licence (PPL) in 1973. Since I spent all my summers at Lac Noir in Saint-Jean-de-Matha (Quebec), and being a nature lover, I naturally became a bush pilot early in my new career. After acquiring a commercial licence and earning experience on many types of float planes (from Piper J3 to Cessna 206), I taught float plane flying and coached advanced bush flying. I have a Canadian and commercial licence with a seaplane rating and an instructor licence with more than 2 400 hours on single-engine aircraft from C-120 to Caravan. In 1975, at age 21, I became co-owner of my first airplane: a Cessna 150, registered C-FUTD, an aircraft still flying today in Beloeil airport (CSB3). Then, with my brother we owned many other aircraft: Cessna 172 C-GUQK and C-GUXU, Cessna 150 C-FKUB, Cessna 120 C-FYWX. Today I fly my own Lake L4 Buccaneer C-FBYQ. I know all the ins and outs of being a co-owner and can help you in that process. My first student was my older brother who now cumulates more than a 1 000 hours with a Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP). The most important student I had was my daughter Cathy. She studied in Chicoutimi and earned a Commercial Pilot Licence. Nowadays, she flies as a captain on a Q 400 for Jazz Aviation. Rudy, her life partner, is First Officer on Air Canada new Boeing 737 Max 8. Simultaneously, as an avid pilot and being the co-owner of an aircraft, I took charge of the maintenance of airplane airframes and engines, and all the paperwork related to the 'Canadian Aviation Regulations', certification, airworthiness, etc. This 43-year experience helped me to develop my mechanic skills in keeping airworthy my aircraft and those (Champions, Super-Cubs, Cessnas on wheels, floats or skis) of my friends. I even completely took apart a damaged Cessna 120 and reassembled it to flying condition. I also participated on similar C-172, C-180 and C-206 engine projects to retrofit them to zero-time condition. I would like to sincerely thank Bertrand Caron, a mechanical engineer and owner of Aviation B. Caron in Saint-Donat (CSY4) who had the patience to supervise and teach me everything I know about aircraft maintenance. Today, at age 63, I have retired from a business career and dedicated myself to my passion: piloting and sharing my knowledge to all who wish to become accomplished and professional pilots, whether as a career or just for the joy of flying.